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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

Reena & Rajen Parikh

Why Spectrum School

Spectrum school is founded with a vision to bring the changes in the rote learning pedagogies practiced and make a new benchmark in Education.

A school where kids love learning.

  • Modern School with Indian ethos.
  • Limited class strength. Teacher-Student ratio 1:25.
  • Fostering the spirit of self-learning.
  • LRPA method to improve balanced education.
  • Ventilated spacious classroom.
  • Well equipped and spacious audio-visual room.
  • Integrated co-curricular activities like
  • Karate, Football, Yoga, Dance, Kabaddi, arts.

From the desk of the Director

Spectrum The Contemporary school is founded with a vision to provide a global platform for future global citizens of the country with an Indian ethos. Our Indian tradition carries the legacy of cultural values and best educational practices from the era of gurukuls to missionary school to international dimensions of learning. When the globe is visualized with the “One world One child “philosophy it becomes the responsibility of educational institutions to create educational pedagogies that enhance and accommodates all the best-practiced philosophies of different eras. Hence, Spectrum The Contemporary school. We aim to provide a balanced holistic approach to learning to students for all-around development. As in our name, we are a modern/contemporary Indian school with a global ethos aiming to bring thinkers and learners out of our students rather than followers.

Mrs.Reena Rajen Parikh

Indian tradition carries the legacy of festivals that inspire the cultural and mythological stories that lead to the life skill value development of the student. Schools celebrates all festivals to enhance the spirit of celebration amongst students along with events like annual day, grandparents day, sports day.
Each day is a celebration for the young learners at our school. Ample activities like environment day, interclass competitions, yoga day, Joy of giving week carried out to lead holistic development of a child.
SPECTRUM School offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure, quality ambience and modern amenities which act as great catalysts in the child’s learning process. Our school building is strategically located in a quiet and airy locality amidst plush greenery and importantly in the heart of the city. The school building is designed with utmost attention given to all details of aesthetics, architecture, safety and modern engineering.
At SPECTRUM, teachers are the caretakers and facilitators of the school’s vision. The real strength of the School lies in the collective talent and dedicated faculty who are formally trained in the field of education and for developing overall personality of children under their care


Trusted by Thousand of Parents

“Thank you so much for the amazing job that you do. Knowing that you care for our kids gives us the confidence and reassurance we need through tough times like COVID.”
“Teachers are kind and compassionate and provide a great deal of individual attention to their students. Principal and director are also good.”
“Best school following the global curriculum pedagogy for the citizens of tomorrow“
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